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Missions and Habits

Our classes run on an ongoing basis, with an approach designed specifically to fit the personal needs of working people.


What is a mission?

A learning mission is a task to use the language in the real world. It needs to be a specifically defined conversation with a defined person. For example

  • Asking a colleague about their weekend hiking trip during the coffee break
  • Asking a housemate about how their day at work was
  • Posting a package at the post office

A mission has two weeks. The first week you prepare it for the lesson and submit it to your teacher. In the class, you will have the chance to ask the teacher and practice the mission if needed.

What is a Learning Habit?

A learning habit is a short bit of practice that can be done on a daily basis between 5-20 minutes. Habits should address your biggest weaknesses. If, for example, in the last mission the conversation turned to English because they didn’t understand the person’s pronunciation the habit should focus that week on listening practice. If it was because you lacked vocabulary it could focus on building vocabulary. The time doesn’t have to be fixed, but it should be linked to something the student already does every day. Some examples:

  • Daily commute
  • If you are a frequent traveller, each time you sit in a train.
  • Breakfast, Tea or coffee breaks (waiting for the kettle to boil)
  • Going to the toilet.

The activity should be easy to do in these situations. Some examples:

  • Listening to an easy French or easy German radio emission
  • Memrise (prepared vocab)
  • ReadLang (Reading and vocab)
  • FluentU (for listening comprehension and phrasal expressions)
  • RFI and DW radio emissions