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How to host?

By simply providing a room to host a class in your home or office you get up to 100% discount on your class.

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    Volunteer to host a class. You must already be enrolled. You can then volunteer to host by contacting your class coordinator.

  2. 2

    Book the room

    Book the room. We ask that you book all scheduled sessions, but we can make exceptions.

  3. 3

    Earn credit

    You will receive a full refund for classes where the minimum number of learners attend.

Why hosting?

Our classes are hosted by a student, this allows us to bring the class to near you and cut the costs of room rental.


Where do people host?

At the office

Ask your HR officer. In most cases, you can book an office room after work hours to host your class. Let them know that by allowing you to host you will get a free class and reassure them that you will take responsibility for escorting learners in and out of the office.

At home

Some people offer to host at their apartment. This is a great way to provide a warm and welcoming class. Just make sure you have enough space and let us know what the maximum is!

Community venue

Some learners ask other organizations. Maybe there is a room you can use at the local commune, church or another group you belong to. Just let them know you can take responsibility for escorting the guests in and out of the building and people are happy to help.