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Flying in Style

Advance in your understanding of how commercial airlines work and use this knowledge to have a more pleasant journey the next time you fly! We will focus on seating, your rights in case of disruptions, how to fly in higher class at a lower price and much more. This class will also encourage your questions and remarks from its the participants.

What you will learn

During those 2 sessions, our goal will be:

  • Understand what to watch for when selecting a good seat on an aircraft.
  • Know that the point of origin for a flight can have an impact on the price.
  • Discover how to see extra places for the same price of 1 ticket.
  • Comprehend the difference between a flexible ticket and a travel insurance.
  • When is the best time to book a flight?
  • Realize your rights when your flight gets cancelled or heavily delayed. 
The main goal is to give you tools that will allow you to experience a more pleasant flight.

What you need to know

This class doesn’t require any prior knowledge with regards to flight experience.


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