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Fitness & Wellbeing Classes

Geneva Airport Area

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Yoga is an Indian discipline comprising of physical and spiritual exercises. Following this ancient tradition we will develop and practice body postures, breathing exercises, and meditations. Through these exercises you will improve your inner balance and capacity to perform in harmony with your body, mind, and spirit. This course is suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners.

What you will learn

In these classes we will work towards the following goals:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Physical mobility
  • Suppleness
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Eliminating nervous tensions
  • Concentration
  • Deep relaxation
  • Introduction to the philosophy of yoga

What you need to know

You do not need any prior experience to participate in this course.

What to bring

Please contact the teacher of the class to see what you need to bring for this session. You may need to bring:

  • A yoga mat
  • A small cushion or blanket
  • Comfortable (sportive) clothes

A shawl is recommended to keep warm during the relaxation

Available schedules

High-quality, convenient classes at a competitive price. When you want.

WhenWith WhoWhere
Proposed class
Every week on Tuesday at 18:00.
James Murray
Not yet confirmed.
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Suggest a schedule

If you can't find the best schedule for you, suggest one. We will setup the class.