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Fitness & Wellbeing Classes


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Outdoor Fitness Training

This training is designed to get you into the fresh outdoors to build core fitness for everyday life, and prevent problems from an inactive office lifestyle. It focuses on strengthening mind and body. Each session lasts an hour and includes body weight exercises, pilates, boxing, balance, core stability and stretching.

You will receive semi-individualised workout based on your personal fitness. Each session is tailored, unique and varied to help you stay motivated.

What you will learn

Each sessions is designed to provide a satisfying workout that:

  • Alleviates stress
  • Builds endurance and stamina
  • Increases mental focus and emotional strength
  • Teaches you new exercise techniques

What you need to know

This class is suitable for people with basic fitness levels. For example who can run 2km without a problem.

What to bring

Please dress with appropriate footware and clothes for exercising.

Available schedules

High-quality, convenient classes at a competitive price. When you want.

WhenWith WhoWhere
Proposed class
Every week on Thursday at 18:00.
James Murray
Not yet confirmed.
(Learn about hosting)

Suggest a schedule

If you can't find the best schedule for you, suggest one. We will setup the class.